About Us – Mata Parmeshwari Devi Hospital

Medicine is simultaneously a testimony of human ingenuity and the epitome of human selflessness. Mata Parmeshwari Devi Hospital was built on this noble idea. Established in 2020, the hospital stands on the pillars of trust, care and quality. We strive to offer the best treatment to our patients, without bias or discrimination. Ever patient is important to us.

Sunena Malik

The hospital has more than 12 departments that treat a vast variety of conditions and diseases. Located in the elite location of Vasant Vihar in South Delhi, Mata Parmeshwari Devi Hospital believes in only the best. The clientele of the hospital speaks volumes about the quality of service we offer. Some of the most notable names in embassies and high commissions have given us a chance to treat them.

With more than 50 beds, modular OT, state-of-the-art laboratories and all essential facilities needed in an advanced healthcare centre, we strive to become synonymous with excellence. This is the vision of our owner, Sunena Malik. We work in collaboration with Bajaj Finance to ensure that your health insurance covers the treatment you receive. Our DMC registration is evidence of our reputation. Our staff is made up of some of the most experienced and well-trained professionals in the industry. In simple terms, we leave no stones unturned to ensure that our patients receive the best care in our hands.

Mata Parmeshwari Devi Hospital assures you that your health is our foremost concern, firstly and lastly. Our vision is to work towards a healthier, stronger country.