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A great smile is all about great teeth. At Parmeshwari Devi Hospital, we try to keep those teeth
always shining. Our Department of Dental Sciences is trained to meet the needs of people from all
age groups, as well as those with specific requirements. We cover a vast variety of oral conditions
like cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, periodontitis, abscesses, and unspecified dental pain. Common
oral conditions like dental fillings, plaque removal, and root canal surgery are readily available at our

Our Dental Department is equipped to undertake a diverse array of oral procedures, like
orthodontics, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, aesthetic dentistry, pedodontics,
dental implants, restorative dentistry, and endodontics. Our team of skilled doctors is also trained in
advanced oral procedures like extraction, impaction, cyst enucleation, dental trauma management,
implant surgeries, veneering, and space infections. The department also strives to adopt the latest
technologies in dental sciences and keeps a close eye on breakthroughs that could benefit the
patients. Our Dental department is also prepared to treat conditions like oral cancer which require
multi-disciplinary expertise. We also have specialized pediatric dentists who are trained in dealing
with dental issues among children.

Our Department of Dental Sciences is committed to ensuring the best dental health of our patients.
For this, we also try to create awareness campaigns regarding best oral practices, like avoiding
plaque, quitting tobacco, and general oral hygiene. We understand that prevention is better than
cure, so the department strives to raise awareness about maintaining the best oral conditions.

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